L'Atelier Pirate is a company of artisans who have been making latex masks since 1992. All models were created by Guylaine Bisaillon or François Lacerte. Thus, the workshop offers you more than fifty different models. A choice of colors is offered to meet everyone's needs and tastes. Character masks, Commedia Dell'Arte masks, ball and carnival masks, traditional Italian or Japanese masks and animal masks are just some of the shapes you will find there. Each mask is handmade with care.

Since spring 2018, the workshop has been taken over by Dracolite , a company creating medieval products. We are also in the process of integrating an online purchasing system to facilitate the acquisition of our products.

Our Masks

Our masks are made of latex, a material that is both flexible and durable. Once worn, they soften and become more comfortable thanks to the warmth of the face. These properties make our masks products of choice for both schools and life-sized people. Various coloring techniques with acrylic paint enhance the characteristics of the masks and give them an original expression and richness.